Debt Pay-Off Day Excitement

June 23, 2015

This is going to seem so silly but I wanted to encourage you! And honestly, it’s really funny.

So…it all started when our checks finally arrived in the mail. The checks I had been so eager to deposit to finish paying off the credit card! A few days earlier while driving to the grocery I got a flat. So my husband was now at the dealership getting the tire replaced. Being creative I thought I’d drive up to his work and surprise him with the checks {in a Father’s Day card} and allow him to be the one to pay off the card. Here is how that first part went:

I waited. And I waited. And there was no one in the office that day. Soooooo…

Yeah, there was no way I was going to go celebrate our debt pay-off without a shower. It had been a long time y’all. I was grimy.

So hubby finally arrived home and…

This was so exciting!!! To finally have this heavy debt paid off is an unbelievable feeling!!!

And just so you know, he called me a liar because I hadn’t told him the checks had come, I told him I was at the grocery store picking up dinner, etc. It was my way of figuring out where he was around town. I’d call and ask if he needed anything at the store. Then I’d call and ask if he wanted pizza or spaghetti. Every time asking how the tire change was going. Y’all, it shouldn’t take two hours to change a tire.I was afraid he was heading home to surprise us!  But no matter what it made the day all that more excitement filled!

As soon as he came in the door he deposited the checks. Then transferred the money to pay off the card.

Our littlest even helped mark off the card on our debt payoff board! Training up the next generation!

Debt Payoff Celebration{making the last payment}

Debt Payoff Celebration{the big marking off of the debt}

So we had to celebrate! Out to Burger Up on a Friday night before the rest of Nashville got there!

Debt Payoff Celebration

Debt Payoff Celebration

That’s all. Just wanted to share our joy with y’all! So do more goofy videos? Yay? Nay? Totally not something normally done here 😉



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