Sometimes Selfies Are All You’ve Got

December 22, 2014

When I’m older and my children have all left the nest I imagine a day where I’ll sit with my husband and we’ll cruise through the photos of yesteryear. That tears will fall as we remember the toddler giggles, the sweet smell of our newborns, the feel of their tiny bodies heavy against our weary arms, the laughs that echoed throughout when Dad would tell a joke, the running to mama leg hugs from the littlest ones, the struggles and successes of homeschooling, the hiking in the mountains as the youngest would stubbornly not allow us to hold him/her, first toes being licked by the ocean, excitedly waiting in line for Rapunzel’s autograph, fitting those growing bodies into their ever shrinking car seats, filling up another sippy cup.

Sometimes Selfies Are All You've Got -{yes, I even took my own maternity photos}

Sometimes Selfies Are All You've Got -

As we look through those photos I will see all the smiles. And I’ll see a lot of their backs as I had walked behind them. Trying to grab just one more photo. You know what I’m afraid of? I’m afraid of looking back and not being seen. Of having been there every moment and not having been photographed in those moments.

Mama’s, take your own picture. Take selfies. Every once in a while keep that selfie of just yourself, because you are a unique one of a kind you. But more than that, put your child in that selfie with you. You are beautiful mama. I used to believe that nobody took my picture because I wasn’t pretty. But, truth be told, most people don’t think about taking photos of others because we’re so involved with life. And that’s fantastic! We should be as nose deep in life as we can. But please don’t be ashamed to pull your phone/camera out, turn it around and capture that beautiful moment. I have soooooo many photos of beautiful landscapes, sunsets and animals at the zoo. Fun? Yes. Wish there had been more of us in those photos instead.

Sometimes Selfies Are All You've Got -

You are not a narcissist if you take a selfie. If you take one every day and are a self admitted narcissist then I pray you realize how beautiful you are on the inside. That is what people really see. I do want to say, though, that I do delete the photos of myself I don’t like. Because sometimes I feel more beautiful than I look in that one photo. But, hey, if only one photo was taken that’s a keeper. But if I’m taking a selfie you better believe I’m going to make sure I get a picture from my good side.

Sometimes Selfies Are All You've Got -

Sometimes Selfies Are All You've Got -{pictures with friends, too!!}

I remember one day in high school {pre-Christian days} and there was a boy running. Everybody began making fun of him. All I could think was that this boy, he has a soul. He’s not like anybody else out there. And just because he acts different from everybody else doesn’t give us the right to laugh at him. So for that brief moment I was graciously given eyes like Jesus. That is what we all need to pray for. Pray for eyes like Christ. If you see a mama {friend} with her children take her photo for her. Even if she fusses about how she hasn’t showered in days and doesn’t have make up on. You will be blessing her enormously. Without even saying anything you’ll be telling her she’s beautiful because she’s worth your time. You’ll give her a tangible memory. She will, most likely, pass the thoughtfulness on and do the same for another some day.

Sometimes Selfies Are All You've Got -

Sometimes Selfies Are All You've Got -{and of course with your spouse!!}

Mamas, I know we’re not in the pictures that often. Your children, when they’re older, will want to see pictures of you. Of you two together. I really only have one picture of me and my mom when I was young. Look at you, you have all these opportunities to take pictures for your children. For you.

This isn’t narcissism. This is a future blessing.

God bless you mamas. You are loved. You are beautiful. Capture that moment.



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