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The Creation Museum

August 19, 2013


Last week we decided, kind of on a whim, to make the long drive to the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky {right near Cincinnati}. We’ve wanted to visit ever since it was built but we kept having babies! Well, this past May we were blessed to be able to listen to Ken Ham at Teach Them Diligently. I had heard of many people who loved his teachings and I had visited the Answers in Genesis website many times over the years but had never heard him speak. So first, totally shocked that he’s Australian. Didn’t see that coming. Second, I was shocked to hear that there are “christians” who don’t believe the Bible. Ken Ham teaches, or rather reiterates, what the Bible says about the earth and all that is in it being created within six literal days. Even when I wasn’t a true convert I still believed that. So when he started playing clip after clip of some of the most influential pastors that I follow saying that they believed in millions of years, well, shocked doesn’t quite capture my feelings at that moment. So now we were even more determined to go to the Creation Museum to see what all it was about.

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eightisgreat{photo compliments of Kristen Hinson Photography}

I don’t remember what life was like without six little ones. Isn’t it amazing how that happens? To think about those first two years of our marriage without diapers is like opening up a storybook. I just don’t remember it. It was rough the first few years with babies. Especially with my husband working hard and in school. But by the time I had four it was easy peasy. And I say that with all seriousness. My two oldest were old enough to help me with simple things like laundry, dishes and running to grab me another diaper for the baby. Number five came and he slid easily into our schedule. Though it was a change up now having a boy in the mix everything still seemed to go pretty smooth.

And then came number six.

And life did a one eighty.

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Meeting the Duggars

June 23, 2013


A couple weeks ago my family sacrificed their Saturday to go and meet the Duggar family at the Billy Graham Library – a dream of mine. I was so nervous that it would be so packed that we left very, very early. When we arrived they were filming our 12 passenger van driving up to the Library. My heart was thinking, “oh great, it’s packed. We’re gonna have to turn around and go home.” But no, there was hardly anyone in the parking lot at the time. And definitely not a lot of big vans like I had anticipated. As we walked into the Library there was already a line that had formed. The first family waiting had arrived at 9 am. We began our wait at 11am. The Duggars weren’t going to be signing books until 2pm! We stood and awaited. We played games. My sweet little baby slept on me in his wrap. He was so good the entire time we waited!

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Renewing My Mind

February 26, 2013

I want to start off by apologizing for my absence. This past December we added a new member to our family so with the pregnancy and getting to know our new son it’s been quite hectic around here these days. But I’m happy to say that I’m back. And after lots of soul searching these past four months I’ve decided that this year is the year of new beginnings.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. {Romans 12:2}

Don’t we all need a chance to start over? When we feel incredibly run down and ready to be brushed off and start again? I’m so ready for that. I’m ready for grace. I’m ready to stand tall on the rock and to quit seeking the approval of faulty men. Christ. It’s all Christ. If it’s not, it’s a waste. I don’t want to waste it all. May He be made bigger and me smaller. To Yahweh be all the glory forever.

So here, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, here is to new beginnings. Let’s not look back.

{I can’t help but share with you a glimpse at my newest little love. A new beginning.}


Our First World Problems

September 10, 2012

August 1st my husband and I drastically changed our grocery shopping habits. We went from shopping at health food stores to shopping at Aldi’s. Now, not to dog Aldi’s, but it’s not known as a ‘clean’ store. Maybe it was the area I grew up in, but it just wasn’t a place where you’d want to buy food. However, desperate times called for desperate measures and we needed to cut back in every area we could. So our first trip to Aldi’s was a HUGE success! The food may not have been what we were used to but the prices were unbeatable. Where I was spending $4.99 on a loaf of bread I was now spending $.85. For a family our size that’s an incredible savings.

A few days went by and I was standing at the kitchen counter cooking. Nervous about what my husband thought about this new food I asked his thoughts.

“I think the bread is too yeasty,” he said.

And thus was born The First World Jar.

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