30 Days of Budget Friendly Recipes :: Bean and Cheese Burritos

September 5, 2012

: Day 5 :

Ever wonder how fast food mexican restaurants can sell their burritos and tacos so cheap? Yeah, they’re way over charging! This recipe might be one of my families absolute favorites. The kids love burrito night. And it starts with a very cheap bag of dried pinto beans.

You put the 2lbs of beans in the crock-pot with water and cook them on high until soft. I haven’t done this, but I imagine adding baking soda would quicken the cooking process.

Next, mash up the beans. We used a hand held blender. It’s then time to spice it up! I’m not a chef so I’m just going to give you a general idea of the spices we used. I’ll link to a recipe that is similar.

Chili powder

This recipe here includes jalapeƱos, we choose not to use them only cause I’m afraid the kids would turn their noses up at them. Also, that recipe is for a huge amount of people. I’m not even sure we’d be able to keep that in our freezer.

Once it’s all cooked up and yummy it’s time to start wrapping up your burritos! Be watchful of how much stuffing you put in each wrap or you could end up with an overflowing mess. Here’s how we work it.

1. Layout a tortilla wrap.
2. Spread with a spoon full of bean mash.
3. Spread on a spoon full of cooked rice.
4. Sprinkle with cheese.
5. Fold in two opposite sides.
6. Take an open side and roll closed. Seal with a dab of bean mash.

To make them extra yummy and less messy we pull out the griddle and fry these babies up. Just spray the pan with a little oil and cook on both sides until toasty brown, crisp and easy to hold.

Dip in sour cream and salsa! If you make a 2lb bag of dried beans you will have plenty of leftovers! They freeze easily and heat up wonderfully! There’s something to be said about beans and rice as a main staple. Healthy, cheap and delicious!




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